Atlantic Starr, an R&B Group, was and remains soulful and classy on stage. In appreciation of the super group, KGFIwill honor them for making amazing music for the world to hear. Atlantic Starr had many talented members who contributed their artistry and for that, KGFI thanks each and every member of the group for their contributions and legacy. Atlantic Starr as a super power group, rocked the 80’s and 90’s with songs of love and beauty, developing a catalog of respectful music that glorifies marriage and promotes what healthy relationships should look and feel like. Current members include Wayne Lewis, Jonathan Lewis, L’John Epps, Melessa Pierce. Past members include Duke Jones, Sharon Bryant, William Sudderth, Damon Rentie, Porter Carroll, Clifford Archer, Joseph Phillips, David Lewis, Barbara Weathers, Porscha Martin, Rachel Oliver, Koran Daniels, Aisha Tanner, DeWayne Woods, and James Turner. To the many artists, both past and present, who contributed immensely to the group’s accomplishments, you are not forgotten. If you have ever had the pleasure of witnessing this fantastically talented band live, you more than likely, saw something special that filled your heart with a type of joy that still fills many of our hearts today!

In recognition of the band, KGFI will never forget Atlantic Starr for all they have done with their GOD giving talents. The world thanks you Atlantic Starr, for your grace, love and the beautiful music you created just for us, which continues to enhance the soundtrack of our lives. For the entire month, KGFI will honor you as KGFI RADIO ARTIST OF THE MONTH! Congratulations Atlantic Starr, and may you continue to shine and inspire loving relationships for generations to come.

Written by

Christopher Sawyer