Eric Gordon and Betty Bennish the best in BBJAZZ!

Eric Gordon and Betty Bennish the
best in BBJAZZ!

The Sun and Ko Ko want to praise BBJAZZ for putting on another sold out event last night. The crowd was electric all across the room and thank you Betty as she took the time to acknowledge that KGFI was in the house. Rahsaan Patterson voice was filled with sweet melodies that the audience enjoyed. I was impress how Rahsaan took control of the audience as they were yelling out request, he politely said your not going to hear that song tonight.

His vocal range dazzle everyone in the house this artist is gifted and he is like no other. There was a surprise guess in the audience that Betty acknowledged one of the greatest promoters of our time Mrs. Kimi Rhochelle KRPR Media owner and CEO who was celebrating her birthday , BBJAZZ was honor to have her in the house.

As usual Betty Bennish is a very classy and gracious host who constantly making sure that the guest are feeling right at home. I commend her assistant and staff there nothing but professional as they assist the guest. If you haven’t been at a BBJAZZ event KGFI recommend that you do so, you will be so glad you did! Great job BBJAZZ !!

Ko Ko Edward
KGFI Writer/Editor