Eric Roberson

Eric Roberson is one of the nicest real entertainer I know. Let’s talk about his writing skills, his words of wisdom, he writes from the heart. I notice in my humble opinion he is a encouraging writer who want you to think about his lyrics and if you are really listing he will make you think. He never turn down a fan and always greeting the public after his concert, taking picture after picture until everyone is happy! Eric Roberson does it right and I can truly say he has no ego just love for everybody. He is funny and very talented yes, you will laugh at his shows too. I had the pleasure of interviewing him at a BBJAZZ production show and it was very exciting. I had to wait for the interview because Eric was making sure the fans got what they wanted which is actually smart, you please the fans they will love you all the way. Eric is one of the modern artist I would want my kids to listen too, his sound is smooth and the music is soul and most of all the lyrics are educational to the mind! I also want to comment on his parenting skills, he is a great dad, husband, and son to his parents.

If you follow him on Facebook, Instagram, etc you will understand what I am saying about this brother. Inspirational songs that will fill your heart with joy songs like Slave Owner, Keep On, More Than Stars, Million Dollars, First Love Jesus, just to name a few. Every song is a joy, every note is heartful and every lyrics is well thought out. I recommend in following this true artist who leads with great integrity and honor. You can purchase his music on amazon or go to google and type in Eric Roberson music and it will give you all the information in how to retrieve this artist music. Eric KGFI thank you for being you.

Written By

Christopher Sawyer