Huntington Beach Library Theater – The DWELE Concert

At the Huntington beach library theater, the DWELE concert was sold out and energize! BBJAZZ events started with some music in the side room guests were having fun dancing socializing and having some drinks in a very intimate setting and minutes later, the show has started. The audience looked energetic and ready to go to the new set up BBJAZZ created. The show started with Mrs. Betty Bennish the promoter of the show introducing the artist and welcoming the sold out audience with passion making them feel right at home . I love how she involved the audience with the changes she made sharing with them any concerns or questions about the changes please let her know. Then Choklate a beautiful woman with a great voice out of Seattle entertained us with a great performance and her spirit was felt through out the audience as she was singing with her soul. image1She was in the moment feeling her songs with that red piece of cloth in her hand, beautiful sandals she was wearing too. During the KGFI interview her entire team were just a bundle of joy and they have a positive future ahead of them, great job team Choklate! Soul singer DWELE born on February 14, valentine day. Great talented singer, we had so much fun with him and his band. Great talented group, I liked that part how they were communicating with the audience, the band have stated there names and there signs and the audience have asked Dwele about his sign. He is a Aquarius. Dwele have chosen a couple from the audience and they have started to dance on the stage. The couple was kissing and hugging, then the guy has asked her to marry him with a ring, but they did not open the ring box. Dwele band were singing you are my sun shine in different ways, hip-hop, African, soul, classic ways, it was great. The audience has started dancing, and then Dwele left the stage and was interacting with the audience by the audience seats. He gave the mic to some of the audience to sing and dance with him and take photos with him. Nice job on the audience anticipation and this is what BBJAZZ is all about one big party! By KGFI writer Ko Ko Edward @bbjazzevents @therealdwele @choklate #music #news #musican #america