It’s LUV by THE SUN is a smooth love show that calms the body and soul. His sexy unique talent will take you to a place of peace and freedom, and happiness. THE SUN blend of music will help you to forget all of this world problems and he will take you to a place of positivity.

When I play a song to the listeners I like to tell a story that has a positive ending for the spirit, body and soul. I have so much respect for the artists, because I understand their gift that GOD gave them to give to the world and bring joy to the hearts of men and women all over the world. I’m not talking about music that promote hate, I’m talking about music that express love and peace.So when you listen to it’s luv I hope it motivates you to do your best, to love your wife and respect her, women respect your husband and love with all your heart because love is the answer, for GOD is love.

So open up your mind, and relax and enjoy this wonderful show from this talented artist.Tell a friend to listen too, because the show will bless you.I know what it’s like to work hard all day and you just want to come home and relax, well it’s luv will relax you and put a smile on your face. It’s luv will make you smile, think, and take you back to that speical place that made you really feel good.Tune in to THE SUN Monday through Saturday and enjoy his style of play that he has been doing for many years.We thank you for all of your support and we thank you for supporting these great artist around the world.Tell a friend and remember if it’s luv, then it’s positive.