Where Legends Are Heard!

KGFI radio will always give respect to those legendary artists who pave the way for new artists of today. Many a legend’s music has been sampled millions of times by artists of today. The legends created their own sounds, lyrics, production, and worked very hard to achieve those phenomenal hits that the world loves! Even though music has changed with the times, the legends’ music is embedded in today’s artists’ music via sampling. Please don’t be fooled, though the great legends may not be readily recognizable by newer generations, our legendary musicians are indeed still with us, despite traditional radio’s choice to go with new artists and rap music, which is most popular to younger generations all over the world! Times have changed and we understand change because only GOD stayed the same. KGFI radio understands what these legends have done in music that changed the world and has vowed to forever appreciate legendary artists and their work. Looking at what legends like Barry White, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, The Beatles, The Jacksons and many more have done, we feel a sense of dedication that may only be popular among older people, but it is our duty to pass on the legendary treasures to future generations! We play all types of music, including new music, but we can’t forget our legends and what they have done in this great country of ours and worldwide! KGFI is the station ‘Where Legends Are Heard!’ Thank you legendary artists of the world for your global contributions. Your creativity made this world a better place and your songs filled our hearts with joy and love. Here at KGFI, we will always solute and honor you forever and ever and ever! If you love music and you want to hear greatness and creativity, then tune in ‘Where Legends Are Heard!’